Mu-sigma Written Test Information for Freshers

     Hi Friends ,

            This is Srinivasarao Singamaneni . I have attended for Mu-Sigma written test on 4th         December 2010 at Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology, Cheeryal, (M)         Keesara, Hyderabad?

        The Eligibility for the Recruitment process : 2009/2010 Passed outs of B.Tech from
        CSE / IT / ETC / EEE / E&I /Instrumentation /Mechanical /Civil/ Metallurgy with 60%         through out career (SSC ToB.Tech) .

        For this test, a total of approximately 3600 members have attended .

        The Selection Process contains 3 rounds

               1 .Written Test

               2. GD

               3. Technical & HR

        The written test is a paper based test. It contains total 20 questions and the time         is 20 min. Negative marking is there.

              It contains ,

              1-10Q . Aptitude Questions

              11-15Q. Vocabulary Questions

              16-20Q . Reasoning

          Aptitude Questions:

              The topics covered in this section :

              Time and distances on Trains ……..2Q

              Time and work..…… 2Q


              Ages…… 1Q

              Permutations … 1Q

              Profits& loses… 1Q

              Seating order …. 1Q

         Some of them i remember are not exactly

            1.P and Q can complete a job in 20 and 30 days respectively. P started it and after                10 days , Q joined . in how many days will they complete the  remaining work .

               Ans : 6 days  

            2.pipe A can fill an empty tank in 9 hours . pipe B can fill the tank in 15 hours if                both pipes are opened simultaneously when the tank is empty . find the time                taken to fill the tank.

               Ans : 27 H  

            3.There is a cube in which one pair of opposite faces is painted Red the second                pair of opposite faces is Blue and third pair of opposite faces is painted Green                This cube is now cutted into 216 smaller but identical cubes. How many small                cubes are without any face painted .

               Ans: 64

            4.P, Q, R , S , T sit around a table . T is to the immediate right of p. Q and R on                either side of S . Who sits b/w R and T .

               Ans : P

            5.Find the time taken by a train , 100km long traveling at a speed of 63 kmph to                cross a platform of length 250 Km.

               Ans : 20 sec

            6.Find the time taken by a 200m long train running at 36kmph to cross a boy                standing on a platform

               Ans : 20 sec

            11-15Q. Vocabulary Questions

           Each Question contain a passage with 5 to 6 lines and Different types of questions            for each passage like.

           What is the summary of the passage The appropriate statement for the passage
           The inappropriate statement for the passage


           It contain one Diagram followed with 5 questions .

           First , we must understand the diagram . The diagram with the specified data can            understand even an SSC student also.We can get full marks in this section.Simple            calculations for the questions with the specified data .

           There is negative marking . That’s why I didn’t attempt all the Questions

           I attended 7Q from Aptitude,3Q from vocabulary and 5Q from the Diagram.            Totally I attempted 15Q from the 20Q .

           I Cleared the written test . But I did not Know the cutoff marks .Its compulsory to            attempt some questions from all the Sections,because sometimes they will consi-
           der the sectional cutoffs also. Some times The accuracy 100% ( all the attempted            Questions must be correct)also important so be confident .

           So guys crack the Exam with peaceful mind without any tensions . There is no            typical and no time taking questions for the Mu_sigma written test .

                                          All the Best……