Lakshmis Interview Experience @ ValueLabs as Fresher

     Dear Durga Sir,

              I have written value labs this test on 18th Dec,2010.This test was conducted in      ValueLabs, Madhapur. They have conducted this test for the post of entry level engin      eer.For this test, a total of approximately 2000 members have attended.Written test      comprised of 20 questions. Some have options A,B,C,D,E,F.  Some have single word      answers. and some need explanation.Exam pattern is 5 questions on reasoning,
     5 questions on arithmetic, 10 questions on C programming.

          I am giving some of the questions asked in written test in C           programming



          int c[]={2.8,3.4,4,6.7,5};

          int j,*p=c,*q=c;












          ANS: 2222223645

          2. main()


          Struct xx


          int x=3;

          char name[]=hello;


          Struct xx *s;




          ANS :Compiler error

          3.void main()


          Static int i=i++,j=j++,k=k++;



          ANS: 111

          4. write a program to add 1&1 without using + operator

          5. main()


          int c[]={2,4,6,7,8},*p;



          6. How can u return multiple values in C language.



          int a[2][3][2]={{{2,4}{7,8}{3,4}}{{2,2}{2,3}{3,4}}};




          ANS: 100,100,100,2


          8. One question given from algorithm find the output.

          9. one question given from datastructures

          10. one question given from Pointers.