Freshers Campus Inteview Pattern for Wipro

     Hi Friends ,

                   In HoneyWell we had 4 rounds one is return(aptitude and C ) then we had conduct      technical interview followed by G.D then we had H.R. In the first time i was disqualified      in technical interview they just asked me some basic questions from C,JAVA, OS (which      took half an hour). Then once again i attend Honey well for Internship then the same      process took place then i had cleared all the rounds i got selected

            In the second company it was purely based on system programming so it was a      very tough process where we have 2 return exams one Aptitude and C then we have      second paper 5 programs out which we need to right 3 + 5 descriptive questions(c\C      and Unix) then i cleared this then there will be 3 technical interviews 3 days where i      cleared 2 rounds in the third round i was disqualified ..

          Here is the programs how they asked

               1) write a program to insert a node at rear end in double linked list?

               2) write a program to reverse the lined list?

               3) write a program to find substring using pointers?

               4) write a program for palindrome using recursion ?

               5) write a program for to find repeated letter in given file?

           some technical questions

               1. describe how procedure of c program -like compilation every thing...

               2.what is macro write a program to find largest b/w 3 elements by using                  macro?

               3.diff b/w in declaration and definition?

               4.tell memory structure allocation process and how it works?

               5.what is DMA? what it means?

               6. what is function pointer?

               7.what is difference b/w structure and union?

               8. write a program for conversion of little endian to big endian?

               9.what is splay tress and some question about tress?

              10.can u write a print a statement with out using print function ?

              11.They told me to write a program to find mid point of rectangle by just                  giving x1 x2 and y1 y2 ?

                                  And many ...

                 Then i attend WIPRO in our college it also same process like there will be return      ( Aptitude +C+Reasoning) then followed by essay topic which we need to write and the      topic is Innovation and Enterprenusnship in INDIA. Then we had technical it is bit tough      we need to prepare as we mentioned in our CV they asked me in all platforms like      C,Java ,n/w ,os ..then we had HR there also they askedme  about technical +HR ..

                For the freshers i am just suggesting you to know basic knowledge of C who all      are trying as freshers for SCJP certified guys its not a problem